Gold (Apple & Orange) VEEBA Disposable Vape


Gold (Apple & Orange) VEEBA Disposable Vape


Gold: This exotic flavour is a mixture of apple, strawberry, and orange aromas crowned with cooling and can offer a delightful vaping experience.


A trio of apples, strawberries and oranges combine with cooling menthol to provide vapers with a compact vape kit that is bursting with flavour. This vape offers a cooling inhale, fruity aftertaste and a satisfying nicotine hit utilising 20mg of salt nicotine.


  • Apple, strawberry, orange and menthol flavour
  • Up to 500 puffs (approx)
  • 280mAh pre-charged battery
  • Contains 2ml of e-liquid
  • 20mg of salt nicotine
  • Offers MTL vaping
  • Inhale-activated

Veeba has created its disposable vape kit range to offer vapours a high-quality, simple-to-use design optimised for MTL vaping which is a great choice for both new and existing vapers.

The device contains a pre-charged 280mAh battery which offers up to approximately 500 puffs of flavoursome vaping before it needs to be discarded. The Veeba disposable vape kits utilise an inhale-activated system, with no menu features or fiddly buttons to navigate. The kits are filled with 2ml of e-liquid and contain 20mg of salt nicotine to provide a smooth inhale with a satisfying throat hit.