Blue Razz Vyko Paper Bar Disposable Vape


Blue Razz Vyko Paper Bar Disposable Vape



VYKO recognise that you can produce a fantastic disposable vape without adding to ecological waste issues, and that’s exactly what they had in mind with the release of the Paper Bar Nic Salt Disposable Vape!

The Paper Bar contains 2mls of 50/50 e-liquid enhanced with nicotine salts to ensure a smooth inhale with every puff, even at strengths as high as 20mg, so it’s satisfying for even a seasoned smoker!

Their flavours range from mentholated fruit blends to fruity sodas and even creamy tobaccos, ensuring that there’s a flavour for every kind of vaper.

The Paper Bar has a 400mAh battery and will deliver approximately 800 puffs per unit, so it’s a longer lasting disposable than some of its competitors. The Paper Bar is draw-activated, meaning you simply inhale to begin vaping.

Best of all, the VYKO Paper Bar is made from 99% recyclable materials and is completely plastic-free, so you can puff away with peace of mind knowing that you aren’t adding to any plastic waste with your entirely recyclable disposable vape pen!

Made from Paper
98% less plastic used than others
2ml Pre-Filled device
Max 800 Puffs
20mg Nicotine Salt for a smooth and satisfying hit
Mesh Coil and Organic Cotton for a Full and Rich flavour
450 mAh built-in battery
Draw Activated
Fully recyclable, plastic-free
Small and portable

Blue Razz: Treat your tastebuds to this exceptional blue raspberry delight and remember the good old days of a blue slush puppy on a hot day.